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Top Social Entrepreneurship Profiles to Follow on Instagram | Part 1

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Are you one of those who enjoys following useful profiles on Instagram? IG is a great hub for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises to reach the right audience in a trendy social media platform. Here, you will not see the most popular social enterprises/entrepreneurs like Toms, Acumen, Muhammad Yunus and […]

The Plastic Bank | Impact the People, Planet and Profit

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A Revolutionary Bank Social entrepreneurship is all about the triple bottom line, which is maximizing the positive impact on People, minimizing the negative impact on the Planet, and generating sustainable Profit. In the landscape of social businesses that accomplish these goals, there are so many inspiring stories. We want to […]

The Four Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship

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This article will focus on detailing the four pillars that support Social Entrepreneurship as a serious, sustainable and inevitable alternative to classical entrepreneurship, the atomic activity of classical capitalism. Being supported by steady pillars, Social Entrepreneurship aims to replace traditional business conduct and perspective in order to generate a new […]