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Top Social Entrepreneurship Profiles to Follow on Instagram | Part 1

Are you one of those who enjoys following useful profiles on Instagram?

IG is a great hub for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises to reach the right audience in a trendy social media platform. Here, you will not see the most popular social enterprises/entrepreneurs like Toms, Acumen, Muhammad Yunus and others. Rather, our objective is for you to discover new inspiring profiles. So why not give it a try and open yourself to the social entrepreneurship community on Instagram.

Positive Impact Podcast - They give powerful information about Nonprofits, free webinars, stellar interviews with social entrepreneurs, and more than useful infographics. They are deeply active in the social entrepreneurship community on Instagram. You’ll learn more on the following subjects: environment, sustainability, responsible products, empowering women, responsible travel, developing countries and nonprofits. Follow them and start your journey on their Website.

Cause Artist - They are a community of socially conscious consumers, writers, and brands changing the world through social impact and social enterprises. We really like their way of writing content (social business T-shirt, healthcare, powerful quotes, etc.) around social entrepreneurship. They are building a window for amazing companies that people should know and hear about. It is followed by many and a leader in social entrepreneurship blogs available out there. Have fun, increase your knowledge on social impact and follow them.

Changer Creator - It is a purpose driven-magazine that uses Instagram as a social tool for good. You can learn and be mentored by the best social impact minds out there. Plus, If you are a podcast enthusiast, they have a first-rate podcast on social driven enterprises lead by Adam Force, the magazine’s founder. You can read their latest magazine issue on Muhammad Yunus and you’ll quickly understand why you have to follow them.

Smarthead - Their goal is to show you the face of social entrepreneurs who are impacting our world. Their social media model is to post “portrait” of a social entrepreneur with their sustainable/social impact story/ideas. You’ll discover underground social businesses, smart social entrepreneurs, young change makers and more.  If you also have a great story about yourself or your business which contributes to society, tag @smarthead and show how you make the world a better place!

Sustainize - Their mission is to make you discover and learn about sustainability and social entrepreneurship through inspiring and empowering quotes. Let yourself be inspired everyday by this instagram profile like we are, and one day you’ll be the one who impacts the world positively with your ideas and actions. Even if you actually are changing the world at this time, this profile is for you to get even more inspired and motivated.

Micheal Fritz - He is an activist and founder of the water project viva con agua de sankt pauli who shares many thoughts, beautiful photos and interesting videos to his 12K+ followers. Michael's social enterprise, Viva con Agua, aims at creating awareness on Water, Sanitation and hygiene issues. It also generates funds for clean water projects. What do you need more to follow his profile and be part of an interesting social journey!

Ripplezoo - They are building relationships with social impact content contributors across the world. They are doing so by using social media platforms such as Instagram to raise awareness on global issues. We enjoy their Hero of the week posts where social entrepreneurs and social activists can talk about their contributions to the world. You can also learn on social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations as well as different projects on their website. All this with many photos and infographics they post on Instagram. Contact them and become a Rippler too.

Yuhme - It is “the world's most eco-friendly reusable water bottle with a purpose. Made from sugarcane, 1 bottle = 6 months clean water via @water_for_good”, this citation came from their Instagram page. Do you need more to convince you to follow their profile? Yuhme is highly active on the social entrepreneurship community on Instagram with uplifting photos, social stories and quotes. We’re confident that they bring value and that perhaps you’ll have the desire to buy their eco-friendly and well designed water bottle to help the planet and give clean water to those in need of it.

This short article is only the first part of several more to come on top social entrepreneurship profiles to follow on Instagram. Our goal is to show you how much depth the social entrepreneurship community has on Instagram, thus providing many sources of inspiration and motivation for you to become a Humble Dreamer.

by James Forbes

Photo By: Adam Jang



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